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Polar Express

Brady's two most favorite things just might be trains and Christmas and this movie brings both together! This is a great song as the train reaches the North Pole. Brady had us watch it 18 times as he danced each time!

8 Dec 08 - 7.31MB

Lucy Comes Home!

Lucy's first night home Brady asked to hold her! With the exception of a poke in the eye, he is doing a great job being a big brother!

7 Dec 08 - 6.33MB


Jenny sister Laura came to town and we all took Brady bowling. He loves it!!!

1 Nov 08 - 4.75MB


Maybe for the final time we raked leaves at the Bellbrook house, so we made a very big pile to play in! It was a lot of fun for Mike and Brady! Jenny was not allowed in since Lucy is growing in her belly!

26 Oct 08 - 5.39MB

Carrilon Park Train

We spent one day at Carrilon Park in Dayton where we found these trains we could ride all day for a dollar!

14 Sep 08 - 1.94MB

Row Row Row Your Boat

Brady is quickly growing into a boy who LOVES Singing!

28 Aug 08 - 3.65MB

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Again with the singing...

28 Aug 08 - 7.02MB


Mike and Brady playing "Hide and Go Seek" in the maze at one of our parks in Centerville.

16 Aug 08 - 16.2MB

Train Ride

Jenny and Brady went on a train ride in New Lebanon. Brady LOVED it!

26 Jul 08 - 1.49MB


Brady LOVES the water! He loves jumping in off the side wall and is getting very good at going under water!

24 Jul 08 - 2.95MB

Family Video

Just a little family movie from the last two years that we wanted to share with you!! Enjoy!!

3 May 08 - 10.2MB

Brady's ABC's

Everyday Brady continues to grow and learn! He practices his ABC's several times a day, but still has trouble with "L-M-N-O-P"!

28 Jan 08 - 2.2MB

Brady's 123's

Here is a video of Brady counting! He is also getting quite good at spelling his name!

31 Dec 07 - 2.75MB

Christmas Eve Alkees

On Christmas Eve Brady got to open gifts at Grandma and Grandpas! Auntie Laura and Uncle Ben were with us too! This gift from Aunt Lisa, Uncle Ty, Julia and Kaleigh, just may have been Brady's favorite!

24 Dec 07 - 9MB

Ice Skating

With Uncle Ben in town (a college hockey coach at Quinnipiac) we decided to introduce ice skating to Brady! With Ben's help, we were able to get Brady to smile and even laugh on the ice. Although he never officially skating on his own, he is off to a great start! Thanks Uncle Ben!!

24 Dec 07 - 3MB


After three weeks of sun, and lots of brown grass, it finally rained, and Brady loved it!!! MeMa bought him his raincoat and he finally got to try it out. Watch Brady find out how much fun puddles and rain can be!

27 Sep 07 - 11MB

Bathtime - Splashtime!

Brady loves his bath time! Occasionally he gets a little over aggressive in the tub! On this day, mom and dad had to run for cover in order to keep dry!

20 Sep 07 - 13MB

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