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Bentley & MadisonGuess what? Iím a big brother! Thatís right, Madisonís with us, and itís my job to keep her safe. I protect her every day by sleeping in her room, and fending off strangers and other dogs during our morning walk with Mom.

I must say, Madison is great to have around, however she sure likes to scream. It seems like she screams for no reason at all and it is starting interrupt my daily naps! I try to calm her down occasionally by giving her a bath; however my tongue just doesnít seem to do the trick.

Besides trying to keep Madison happy, my other hobbies include my daily naps, barking at our neighborís dog, and Iím still in cahoots with that pesky gopher out back. That gopher is digging holes throughout my yard, and Iím the one getting yelled at! I canít help it if I go over to investigate a new gopher hole and I just happen to track dirt into the house because of itÖQuite frustrating!

Well, Iím starting to run out of space, so I better get going. I will try my best to keep you up to date on everything that is going on in my life! Hope to smell all of you soon!

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