Steve's TDY To Alaska
19-24 July 2009

Welcome to my Alaskan Web Page. Below are eight picture sets and a short video clip from my week in Alaska. What an exciting trip! What was origionally scheduled as two simple base Site Visits for a satellite ground station, turned into a wonderful adventure. The week started off on a Sunday afternoon as I arrived at the Anchorage Airport. After staying the night at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK, My team and I drove up to Fairbanks, AK (~360 miles North) for our site survey at Clear AFS, AK on Tuesday. After the Base visit, we visited the North Pole, AK! Did you know That Santa is a huge Penn State and Joe Paterno fan! After the North Pole we went to view the Alaska Pipeline. On Wednesday, we drove back down to Anchorage, stopping at a different Pipeline view and the Denali National Park, home of Mnt McKinley...the tallest peak in North America, at just over 23,000 ft. Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy, so we didn't get to actually see the mountain. Thursday, we had our second site visit at Elmendorf AFB, and when that was over, we were able to view some more sites of Alaska, incuding an Alaskan Wildlife conservation and the Portage Glacier!

It may seem as if we didn't get much work done, but we actually accomplished a lot! Since Alaska is so far North, the sun doesn't set in the summer, giving us approximately 22 hours of daylight to work with. What a weird experience. One night we got back to the hotel at 11:30 at night, and it seemed as if it was 5:00 in the afternoon in CO! And even more facinating, was the amount of traffic that was still out and about. As cool as that sounds, I would hate to be there in the winter, were the temperatures drop as low as negative 40 degrees, and you only get daylight a few hours a day! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures!

The Anchorage Airport
19 & 24 Jul 2009

Denali National Park
22 Jul 2009

The Salmon Bake
20 Jul 2009

Elmendorf AFB, AK
23 Jul 2009

The Alaskan Pipeline
21 Jul 2009

Wildlife Conservation
23 Jul 2009

The North Pole, AK
21 Jul 2009

Sites of Alaska
19-24 Jul 2009

Bear Video
Bear Video:
QUICKTIME MOVIE: You will need Quicktime to view this video clip! NOTE: While the video is downloading, the screen will probably go completely white with the Quicktime icon in the middle. These video's could take a while to download.

The following is a short clip of a brown Bear trying to catch a salmon in the Turnagain Arm of the Chickaloon Bay. I appoligize for the bumpy camera work, but the bear was rather far away, so I place the camera up against the binaculars to get a closer look. Also the fact that it was increadable windy didn't help much either (Filmed 23 July 2009)

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