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Check out Some of our Favorite Links

Steve's favorite Links

Like most men, when I get home from work I enjoy sitting on the Lazyboy and reading the paper. The following are some of my favorite newspapers to read:

  1. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  2. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  3. State College Centre Daily Times
  4. Penn State Digital Collegian
  5. Harrisburg Patriot News

If you don't know by now, I'm a die-hard Penn state Fann. Below are the Penn State Links that I enjoy visiting most:


  1. The Pennsylvania State University Official Websight
  2. The official PSU Athletics Department Websight
  3. The official PSU Football Website (This one is AWESOME!)
  4. The Big Ten Network
  6. The Penn State Alumni University
  7. Blue and White Illustrated
  8. The PSU Playbook
  9. Dan's Penn State Fan Home Page
  10. Order Penn State return address labels!

I'm not only a Penn State Fan, I'm also a Pittsburgh fan. Here are a few links that I use to help me keep up to date on my favorite teams:

Steelers Logo
  1. The official web site of the Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. The official web site of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. The official web site of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  4. ESPN
  5. Need a helmet .gif of your favorite team for that football party e-mail?

Finally, Here are a miscellanious sites that I like to visit:

  1. The official web site of the United States Air Force
  2. Check out some fun facts about the satellite I work with!
  3. Check out whats on Directv
  4. Check out this site if your looking for a server for your web site

Madison's Favorite Links
  1. Playhouse Disney On-line
  2. Nickelodeon On-line
  3. Noggin On-line
  4. Sprout On-line
  5. Cartoon Network On-line
  6. Boomerang On-line

Jen's Favorite Links

Here are a few of the sites that Jennifer likes to visit. As you can see, I'm still trying to get Jennifer to inform me of her favorite sites!

  1. Jennifer is a Mary Kay consultant if you needed any make-up
  2. Check out whats happening at Jen's alma-mater

Cody's Favorite Links

Here are a few of the sites that Cody likes to visit.

  1. Pet Smart is my favorite store in the whole world!
  2. Petco's a close 2nd!
  3. Check it out! I've even got Pet Insurance!

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